Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Your daily summary of the Internet

-Fashion site Refinery29 tells you which restaurants have the hottest waitresses. Tyler Cowen, take note.

-'Damn neighborhood kids won't get off my lawn' is, evidently, a real complaint.

-If you leave your six-month-old puppy in a crate for six hours at a time, twice a week, this constitutes dog abuse. (My recollection, from the crate era, was that we capped it at four or five hours, but that the limit is one hour for every month old. The ability of even a puppy to spend the night in a crate suggests anything <8hrs is feasible. Dogs in crates look inherently tragic, but it's probably sadder still if your hyperactive puppy chokes on the furniture in some way that you did not anticipate was even possible, or, as came up at Prudence, risks drowning itself in the bathroom.)

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