Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Yoga for dogs

For Kei. Dogs and their strange couch-napping positions. How can this be comfortable?


kei said...

Haha! They're both so bendy! Bisou looks even a bit more bendy than Mitsu here. Maybe they're the same dog in different suits!!

Phoebe said...

Yeah, it can be tough to judge relative bendiness from photographs. Bisou's main unusual thing continues to be the biped-ness, which someone manages to startle new people all the time, even though we live in a pretty remote spot. Yesterday some woman, watching as I walked Bisou, who was strutting along for a good while upright on her back paws, like it's no big deal, asked me in all seriousness whether this was a circus dog.

I did think of Mitsu again yesterday, though, because during my driving practice, my husband and I saw a red fox that really looked like an orange Shiba Inu.