Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Times like these

-Seems I live in one of "the 20 best small towns in America." Hmm.

-In all seriousness, it sucks that Bar Refaeli was groped by a security guard at the airport. In response to her idiotic tweet about it, an inclination to grope Bar Refaeli is hardly indicative of lesbianism. Maybe of having a pulse.

-I landed on style blog Stop It Right Now in search of inspiration for this summer's ombré 2.0, but ended up also finding a pretty flawless guide to shopping sensibly.

-If one is female, under 30, native to New York, and a former Brooklyn-inhabiting recent college grad, is one obligated to care about "Girls"? I already, if fleetingly, cared about the show about Manhattan girls' school, and the one about hanging around with physics and astrophysics postdocs. Enough's enough. That the show will probably ring true is, as far as I'm concerned, a possible point against it.

-Is it really now standard to tip a dollar per drink at coffee bars?

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PG said...

I think "Gossip Girl" and "The Big Bang Theory" are pretty mass market phenomena; they're certainly watched by many people without even a tangential contact to the lifestyle of the characters. In contrast, "Girls" seems really specific to a big-city lifestyle without having the delightfully ridiculous aspects of "Gossip Girl" or "Sex and the City."