Sunday, April 15, 2012

Breaking news

-French children don't get fat.

-American brides wish they weren't as fat, go to tragicomic lengths to lose weight.

-Natalie Portman, still good-looking.


Britta said...

So...why all the resurgence in "French people are better at life" stuff now? Didn't the "French women don't get fat" diet book come out almost 10 years ago, and now the "French children/parents are perfect in every way" trend seems quite recent. What does the 10 year gap mean?

Phoebe said...

This is a fine question. Why the resurgence? My best guess would be that it's now long enough since Giuliano's thing that publishers wanted to sell this again, but they may not have been aware of the other versions of the same emerging simultaneously.

PG said...

I thought the French parenting thing was specifically intended as a response to the Tiger mother stuff -- if Amy Chua's life sounds completely goddamn exhausting, don't worry, you can settle for merely well-behaved non-Harvard-attending kids with minimal effort.