Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Her little den

Took Bisou to the Dinky station to see Jo off (the astrophysicists are conferring). Walked her back. This is a half-hour each way. Does Bisou walk in a straight line? Hardly. And she even had the added excitement of running into not one but two of the other "housewives" (i.e. women who typically do have careers of their own, but who have moved to the woods with their husbands) and managed to get cooed at in Hebrew and French, respectively. (And I even got to use my French! Hebrew-wise, I understood the cooing...) This was, finally, sufficient exercise for the world's most energetic dog that looks like it would be a lap dog. There's hope for the day!

And where is she asleep right now, you ask? In her crate. I did not lock the crate, nor did I lead her into it. It is finally, as the dog books assured it would be, her den. The secret? We have not put her in the crate in ages. If she's not with us, she's in the (fenced) kitchen. How anyone gets a dog to voluntarily enter a crate while still crate-training that dog remains a mystery.

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