Sunday, December 04, 2011

Country dog

Bisou has been cooed at in Uniqlo, shied away from miniature dachshunds at a dog run, and very nearly entered a shop that makes its own mozzarella. But what she really likes is a romp through the woods.


Anonymous said...

She is so adorable, a peluche!

kei said...

Ooh, is she allowed in Uniqlo? I can never tell when dogs are allowed in what stores, and Mitsu's a strange size because she can be carried, but she can also get kinda heavy after a while.

Phoebe said...




She is indeed allowed in there, which we learned when we noticed a dog much like her (a gray-brown miniature poodle) in the +J section, out and about (well, leashed). Bisou had been in her carrier, but has definitively reached the too-heavy-for-comfort level. So, once it was clear that dogs (smallish fluffy ones, at least) are welcome, out she came. The staff was if anything pleased, or is if at least encouraged to seem so in that situation. The other customers also seemed happy to have the distraction - my sense was there's an overlap between the Uniqlo target audience and the subset of people who'd be enthusiastic about a poodle, but no doubt a shiba too!