Saturday, November 05, 2011

Wild goat no more

That's today, in a nutshell. First four good-length walks in the morning/early afternoon, so she'd be too exhausted to get hyper at the groomers', where, now that she's been vaccinated for rabies, she could finally go. Then dropping her off, crossing our fingers. Then a trip to the very disappointing Market Fair mawl. Then a spur-of-the-moment stop by the aptly-named Small World, where we ran into the three people we know in this town... but then just as we were relaxing, the momentous call came - almost ready! So off we went, and somehow the wild goat we'd dropped off was transformed into an elegant specimen indeed, ready for things like strutting around the Bon Marché or relieving herself in the grassy area behind the Petsmart. We did not ask for her to have bows, but she's a poodle who now actually looks like a poodle, so why not? She was evidently very well-behaved during her makeover session, and is now fast asleep, relieved, no doubt, that the prodding is over.


kei said...

I love that she has two looks--au naturel and haute couture! They are both great!

Phoebe said...

Thanks! In all likelihood she'll have the natural look most of the time - the grooming costs what an upscale women's haircut/styling does, and the point is really to keep her fur short enough that brushing her out isn't too much of a production. And in terms of Bisou-related spending, the focus at this point is puppy classes (but first up, spaying, ack). But it's fun that she now looks like a poodle. It's also kind of hilarious that a dog that looks so frou-frou still acts so doggy/naughty. We half-expected that her personality would go along with her new look, but that was of course not the case. Her inner wild goat must shine through.