Thursday, November 10, 2011

Sad, cone-wearing Bisou

While getting Bisou spayed was the right thing for dog-kind in a broader sense, and is certainly the way to go for us personally - two novice dog-owners in a one-pet-only apartment, Bisou is not super thrilled with having had her internal organs yanked out yesterday. Her attempts at bypassing the cone and biting at her stitches looked to us like a limp last night and this morning, so we called the vet, so we went to the vet, so we spent yet more money at (and of course on getting to) the vet. (You are allowed to complain about how expensive it is to own a dog even if you knew in advance that it would be expensive, and even if you think it's worth it, right? Thought so.)

Bisou, whose specialties are marching around on her hind legs, sprinting across the back of the couch, begging for cheese, and medical false alarms, is just fine. Her legs are still in good strutting-around order. But she is now giving us the sad-dog look, her head poking out of her cone as if to ask why we had for so long pretended to be nice, then done this to her. Sorry Bisou! Just under two weeks of not being your naughty self. You can do it!

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Anonymous said...

Regards and "get well" wishes to Bisou and to you and Jo. Soon she will forget about the pain and stitches and she will be free to focus on her career. JM