Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Postdocs' Wives Who Can't Drive And Don't Have Air In Their Bike Tires Don't Get Fat

You know that advice about not going to the supermarket hungry? Oh well. I did what I could, getting some pizza and grapefruit juice (an odd combination based pretty much on what I saw first upon entering the Whole Foods), stuffed that down, but it didn't make up for the several meals it was supposed to replace. And good grief - my husband and I bought the most groceries we ever have at one time, ever. Ever! It was not quite as expensive as I'd imagined (although I think a trip to this allegedly-cheaper Wegman's is in order, and did I really need five different kinds of cheese, even if technically speaking one's for pizza and thus doesn't count?), but it was maybe four times the amount, in cost and volume, as such a trip would have been for us generally. We're still connected to the wider world only by shuttle, so this had to be it for a while. My main concern is that we'll be so excited to have food in the apartment, finally, that we'll somehow find a way to include all of it - pantry items and everything - in one meal that would cost as much as one of those restaurants the NYT might write about as recession-oblivious.


Flavia said...

Wegmans is much cheaper than Whole Foods (granted, I don't know the Wegmans in Euphemistic New Jersey, but I know Whole Foods and I know Wegmans). And it's an awesome store to boot--nothing cut-rate about it. The bigger of my two local Wegmans is so vast, and with so much delectable variety, that except for the price tag it might as well be a Whole Foods.

Phoebe said...

I'm all for it. Whenever possible, I prefer the least specialized supermarket - where I lived in NY, for whatever reason, the ones that look like they'd be no-nonsense are more expensive than those that present themselves as yoga retreats. Whole Foods basically has the advantage of being a known quantity, and with the shuttle limiting shopping time wherever I go, a place whose layout is obvious to me has certain advantages.