Sunday, May 15, 2011

The back-ness continues

-Hamburger, hipster-made cappuccino, me-made cranberry muffins, ramps, green garlic. The food re-tour of NY is complete, or will be once scapes are in season. 

-Gobineau as pdf on the couch > the equivalent as microfilm at the BNF.

-Clothing, however, is so very uninteresting compared with how it is in Paris, where it glows in store windows in its exchange-rate-aided inaccessibility. I'm still taken with all the clothing I already own (even though 90% of it never fit and/or is stained to the point of unwearability), less so with what I saw during a 10-second trip to the GAP. 

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Britta said...

Hi Phoebe,
I might have to talk about Gobineau in class this week, and I was curious if he had any other claim to fame beyond being a giant racist. Or if there was anything unique or special about his racism beyond "Europeans are better than everyone else"? Asking you seems like a better bet than actually trying to read what he wrote :)