Saturday, November 13, 2010

Something for everyone

For Britta: The gray sweater for a medium-sized child fisherman has arrived. I tried it on, and while my boyfriend's response was a glance that says, so this is what it means to have an American girlfriend, I'm quite pleased.

For Amber, Isabel Archer: I promise more free-association on abs and the too-brilliant-to-bathe set will come soon.

For anyone with doubts about the chicness of grad students: One of my classmates is profiled on Fashionista.

For anyone who reads this blog for the celebrity sightings: Last night I was sitting across from Stockard Channing at a Japanese restaurant in Tribeca.  Not one of them fancy schmancy ones, either, which was what made this all the more surprising. Since I was dining with two ferners, I had to be excited about seeing Rizzo all by myself.


Britta said...

My boyfriend was similarly unimpressed with my sweater, and he too is not an American. Are the large sweaters thing a US thing? I know in Norway people wear bulky sweaters, but maybe elsewhere in the world it is considered gauche. The only thing I'm not happy about is that now the sweaters are on sale with free shipping. Is it worth it to pay for return shipping to buy the same sweater for slightly less money? In this case laziness will probably win out over frugality.

Phoebe said...

I got the free shipping, but ordered just too soon for the sweater-specific discount. If I were you, I'd just get it in another color, so you at least benefit from the sale. However, I'm a bad influence, at least when it comes to these sweaters.

As for the international angle, I guess it depends where the boy in question comes from? Mine may speak a language that if I didn't know what it was, I'd assume was Scandinavian, but style-wise, the Belgians are not so different from the French. Chunky sweaters that do what they can to create the illusion of pregnancy are not particularly sought-after in that part of the world.

Britta said...

Mine is Australian, which although is a land of wool is not a land of sweaters. Of course, "winter" means that it gets below 60. People still go out in t-shirts and tube tops and just shiver. He wanted me to note that, "it doesn't matter where you are from, Americans are bad dressers in comparison."

Phoebe said...

Tell him to go to Vienna. I don't remember how the people there dressed, only that the clothes in shop windows, no matter which neighborhood, were hideous.