Friday, September 24, 2010

In praise of orange-red

Wantwantwantwantwant. This one in particular. Meanwhile, I am a sensible grad student, and will content myself with the recent purchase of two Essie nail polish shades for $9 (as in, $4.50 each) at a street fair. The "Clambake" one is, I have to say, most excellent, the nail equivalent to Nars Heat Wave lipstick. If you're always finding that "red" cosmetics come out too pink, orange-tinged is the way to go.

This is, by the way, as much cosmetics-blogging as I can muster. I wish I knew how to wear makeup, and take no pride in the percentage of my days I go the "natural" route, but anything beyond nail polish, lipstick, eyeliner, and concealer is beyond my capabilities, and it's a rare day I make even that whole checklist. I can see how various additions - eyebrow pencil, blush, eyeshadow - would improve my appearance if applied correctly, with a steady hand, but my attempts have led to this, this, and a messier version of this, respectively.


kei said...

That's the camel coat that my eye went to, out of their selection! The professorial elbow patches seal the deal.

Re: wearing makeup, I think it just takes practice, but it also helps to be in an environment that suggests or even demands wearing makeup. I don't know what the relationship is between makeup and women in academia, but I prefer to look less like a student when I teach so I at least apply foundation. I think the foundation look tends to suggest, "I'm hiding something!" (even if it's nothing), which then suggests some age.

Also, for me, going out in public in Japan has forced me to rethink makeup. There, I no longer go out sans makeup.

Lipstick is classified under makeup, but in bright or bold forms like red or dark red colors, it might as well also be classified as an accessory. I've got my eye out on MAC's dark red Malificent!

Matt said...

I think the foundation look tends to suggest, "I'm hiding something!" (even if it's nothing), which then suggests some age.

Or pimples.

Phoebe said...


Yes, an environment where makeup is encouraged would be helpful in figuring out how to use the stuff. Now that I've finished my teaching requirement and am just working on the dissertation, it's tough to think of makeup as anything other than a study break.

I think Matt may have a point re: foundation and pimples - when I picture foundation-as-mask, I think of girls I knew who went that route at give-or-take 15, to hide acne, more than I picture attempts at hiding wrinkles. My sense is that foundation would if anything get stuck in wrinkles, but again, I've never figured out foundation, and I tend not to notice it on others unless it's applied all wrong. However, I think you're onto something with makeup-as-effort mattering more than what the makeup actually does. And I'll post on this soon!

And... I highly approve of the MAC lipstick! The other nail polish I just got is pretty much the same shade (Essie "Bordeaux"), but this color has much potential for lips as well.

kei said...

Oh, you don't have to teach anymore? Wow, congrats to that, too! I guess frolicking in Soho (I think?) will be the closest to being in a makeup-encouraging environment.

More thoughts on makeup & foundation to come!