Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Another '90s-themed celebrity sighting

After running approximately 300 errands, I found a bench near campus and just kind of parked. I looked up and saw a very thin woman, in spike heels, with plump(ed) lips, and with hair that I remembered from way back when and that set her apart from all the other otherwise similar-looking women of the area. She was holding forth into a cellphone, but it was when I heard her mention Seattle that I knew for sure. Courtney Love! I watched her pace and talk, waiting for a cab. And then, in a moment that was, I promise, more surreal than it sounds, I had to move aside my shopping bags from Duane Reade and Ricky's (where my favorite conditioner was on sale) because Courtney Love was coming to sit down right next to me on the bench. I was reading over a draft of my prospectus, but Courtney Love's aura made it somewhat difficult to concentrate. I'm down to trying to fix the first paragraph. Part of me was tempted to ask her what she thought of the first sentence - then I'd be able to thank Courtney Love in my dissertation! - but decided she probably had better things to do than help me present my research with that special grungy edge.


Britta said...

My sister's seventh grade math teacher was Courtney Love's stepfather. He was extremely boring, apparently.

Phoebe said...

Has there ever been a math teacher not perceived of as boring by a seventh grader? (I can't even remember having taken math in seventh grade, but surely this happened.) Courtney herself, however, was plenty entertaining, even just pacing. Maybe she should teach middle-school math.