Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Today, pros and cons

Of course, the day of my teaching observation would coincide with Day 2 of an achy cold. But! Right after class, who should I see on the street but Rufus Wainwright! Walking down lower Broadway like a mere mortal. No lederhosen, but you can't have everything.


Nick said...


Now I miss NYC...

Petey said...

Can we have some WWPD blogging on Sarah Palin's comment that she is going to deport all the American Jews to Israel to facilitate the end times?

Phoebe said...


I figured you'd be bothered by this.


I'm no fan of Palin or this brand of Christian 'Zionism', but I see nothing about deportation. What's bothering me is that I don't see why Jeffrey Goldberg writes, twice, that American Jews constitute "the only sizable Jewish community left outside of Israel" - how about the French ones, who do tend to be more keen on aliyah? I'm not suggesting Sarah Palin has heard of the French Jews and sits around pondering their stance towards Zionism, but it is possible for immigration from the West to Israel to increase noticeably without American Jews being involved.