Sunday, November 29, 2009

No, it's not the espresso makers

I thought I'd located the ultimate first-world problem, but no, here it is: having a first name that starts with the letter "A" and so having to be presented first at a Paris debutante ball, for which one has been fitted for Chanel haute couture. "[D]oesn't having a last name that begins with 'A' suck?" Yes, I bet it does.

Still, even knowing that this blogger owns approximately $1,000,000,000,000 worth of shoes, I'm a bit sad that she has to return the dress. The demand seems bad publicity for Chanel... unless a subsequent post will announce that, yay, she was allowed to keep it after all.


Dana said...

That blog fills me with class resentment. Also, fashion envy. She kind of mostly looks ridiculous, though, but in a fab way. Not super cutting edge, but she's trying--a little too hard. She's no Margherita Missoni, but if she didn't seem so chipper and if she was riding a one-speed bicycle, she might be photographed by the Sartorialist.

Phoebe said...

I'm not sure what "class" it even is to own the equivalent in clothes and accessories what a very wealthy person might spend on a house. It seems more like some kind of mania, or just vapidity, that's for some reason fascinating, and thus popular. She has 'her own shoe line' at Urban Outfitters, which bothers me more than her wealth because in a past life I fantasized about being a shoe designer.

kei said...

I guess it's nice that she has a "normal" sister?

What do you gather her dad does? I like how the sponsor gets to be on the blog now and then. The glasses say "something creative," but I'm compelled to think that he sells pharmaceuticals or something enormously profitable. I suppose one can get creative with chemicals.

Phoebe said...

"What do you gather her dad does?"

My guess is cosmetic surgeon. An artist of sorts with a high enough income to support the endeavor, and aesthetic inclinations towards thinking owning designer everything is a good idea.

The whole family dynamic fascinates me. The sister, the mother, the father... But the ball itself was kind of a disappointment - it looks like a prom, except that you know more money went into it.