Thursday, July 16, 2009

Things that blow my mind

Donatella Versace buys her lingerie next door from where I get my sub-$3 bagel-sandwich lunches during the schoolyear. For some reason, this amazes me, whereas I've never found it particularly shocking that the actor who plays Mr. Big lives either on or across from that block, or that the NYU area in general is packed with celebrities. I just picture leaving Bagel Bob's with my sesame bagel with Muenster cheese just as Donatella Versace steps out of La Petite Coquette with a new set of lacy underwear, and the image of this amuses me to no end.


Matt said...

Somehow the thought of her in lacy underwear makes me feel a bit sick.
Scroll down to #7.

Phoebe said...

Oh dear. Perhaps a Muenster cheese bagel would improve matters? ('She should eat a cheeseburger', the University Place-specific version.)

Matt said...

I should mention that Eric Sprague,
The Lizard Man, #6 in that link, was a friend of mine for a while. He was a grad student with me at one point. He wasn't as green as he is now but did have fangs, a forked tongue, and horns under his eye-brows. Other than all that he was pretty normal and a nice guy.