Tuesday, July 28, 2009

On (not) wearing the same thing every day

The above shots are my attempts at making the most of the clothing I have with me this summer. Notice a pattern? Basically, since I arbitrarily made the decision that my jeans were too dirty for continued pre-laundry wear, it's been the same pair of black pants every day, plus a t-shirt or tank top in either black, gray, or white. It's a look I like, and I thank Uniqlo and H&M for making it possible, but enough was enough.

To remedy the situation, today I purchased a dress from Esprit, the library here being dangerously close to the main shopping street. (As if that makes for a change, but whatever.) I hesitated, because the price tag claimed an equal numerical cost in euros and dollars, suggesting I should wait until being back in the States, but according to the website Esprit doesn't have kids clothes in the US. Indeed, the dress is for kids. After seeing it in the store, I looked it up on the site, and realized this did not help me get a sense of how I might look in it. Not that I look like models generally, but I could not look less like this one. Voila:

Turns out the look works, or so I've told myself, on post-pubescent Semites as well.

In other shopping news, today, post-dress-purchase, I found the street where all the used or otherwise appealing bookstores are. This includes books in French and English. Luckily, however, the library permits reading without paying, whereas I'd imagine Esprit frowns upon wearing and returning. So, once again, no regrets.


Anonymous said...

I feel compelled to note that lots of perfectly respectable people wear almost the same thing every day

Phoebe said...

What does it say about me that this Anonymous could be any number of people I know?