Monday, February 16, 2009

Writing and reading

There's still a Ladyblog, and because the loud, allegedly headphoned music of the guy near me at the library made sending an email to a prof all but impossible (UPDATE music's stopped, back to academic activities), I just found the time to keep hope alive over at the site formerly operating as Culture11. But seriously, the Ladyblog might live on, so keep reading!

Unrelated: A few months ago I bought a book by, I thought, Isaac Bashevis Singer, a book I hadn't heard of... because the author was not the Singer I'd thought, but in fact I.J. Singer, I.B. Singer's brother, which Jo found hilarious, thus the tag to this post. Turns out (via ALDaily) the book's supposed to be good. Mr. Jashevis is now next up on my non-academic reading list. Still, buying a book, even a used dollar-book, by the wrong author is kind of hilarious.


Anonymous said...

Next, try Klaus Mann.

Withywindle said...

You should also try Minnie Singer's Lentl, about a young Hasidic girl who wants to become a cantor.