Sunday, February 22, 2009

Timing is everything

By some unfortunate coincidence, the part of the Oscars where Natalie Portman came out to present nominees occurred just as I was cleaning the tub. I told my boyfriend, who was sitting on the couch at the time, that this had to be a pleasant moment for him, girlfriend cleaning the bathroom and Natalie Portman, looking lovely, on the screen at the very same moment. I had requested the TV be on while cleaning up, since doing so otherwise is a form of torturous medieval reenactment, but this was not quite what I'd had in mind.

That said, after getting that particular chore out of the way, I returned to the living room just as there was some montage of different movie stars over the years saying 'Thank you' after receiving Academy Awards.


Belle Lettre said...

That was a charming and hilarious story. I hope that Jo later cleaned the kitchen, to rousing applause.

My research is in organizations and employment, and sometimes, when my startup co. boyfriend and I are both working from home, I'll bake cookies and make coffee. As I'm bringing him a cup of coffee prepared just the way he likes it with a plate of cookies, I'll remark on the irony preemptively, so that he doesn't bait me and send me into a faux-tizzy of mock indignation.

Phoebe said...

Fear not, he does his chores as well. Although rarely do they coincide with me watching Paul Rudd or James Franco on the television.

Preemptive remarks re: the irony of a situation are indeed necessary.

Matt said...

You should get some scrubbing bubbles. That stuff is great. You could then just have sprayed it in the tube, gone to watch TV, and rinsed it out afterwords.

Belle Lettre said...

Ooooh. A ringing endorsement from Matt is always good. I like got that Tilex stuff on his recommendation, and so now, Scrubbing Bubbles it is--I've been using baking soda, which takes a lot of work.

Phoebe said...

Tilex is not the miracle I keep hoping it will be.