Saturday, August 02, 2008

The Ultimate Saturday-Night Blog Post

Jo and I got a bookcase! Well, another bookcase, but the current crop are at capacity. The bookcase, which is huge and usually in the $200-300 range, was $50. Even with schlepping and assembly charges, this came to less than the Ikea equivalent, which would, of course, not be assembled. After a dachshund and a dishwasher, in that order, a bookcase was what the apartment needed most. Now, we will not only be able to clear off the book-mountain that is our coffee table, but we might even be able to get a few more books. Which is good, because I'm not getting shoes any time soon.

I should note that Jo and I both recently turned 25. We're old, allow us these simple pleasures.

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Glenn said...

Here's the thing about buying a new bookcase. It is a proven law of physics that the amount of books you own will always expand to a size larger than the amount of shelf space you have.

So, what you really need is ANOTHER book case.