Friday, February 22, 2008

Le cinéma Duane Reade

This calls for a whiny post:

The day began with a man out front of what I can only assume was his brownstone shoveling snow obliviously and vigorously. I tried to make my presence known; this didn't seem to work, as he shoveled a heap right at me. Um, thanks!

This was on the way to the train. Once on the train, while still in Brooklyn, the conductor announced that there was a "small track fire" ahead of us. Since I was in the first car, I got to hear people describe the fire, which didn't sound all that small, and continued reading my book. Eventually we were allowed to leave the train, which was sort of but not quite in the station, and switch to a train that was running local when it ought to have run express, then express when it was anywhere in the vicinity of my classroom. I was not as late as I might have been, had I not anticipated that the snow would cause the MTA to throw up its collective arms and give up.

The day did pretty much pick up from there. I taught my students "avoir" using the question of whether or not there was a sheep in the classroom, which was good fun and I think effective. Then, after class, I found a copy of "Walk on Water" at Duane Reade! For $10! How it got there I'll never understand.

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