Wednesday, July 19, 2006

More Woody

Why do the trailer and commercials for "Scoop," the new Woody Allen movie, refer to the film as, "from the director of 'Match Point,'" when they ought to say, "the new film from Woody Allen"? Was "Match Point" that popular, or is Woody Allen now a liability to himself?

Woody is everywhere. On the "Daily Show," the fake-dubbing of Ehud Olmert discussing the war his country's currently dealing with was Allen's voice, explaining how a relationship is like a shark. The Diaspora-versus-Israel debate has never been more clearly articulated.


Petey said...

"Was "Match Point" that popular, or is Woody Allen now a liability to himself?"


The Woody as liability is not a new phenomenon. Allen movies have been sold to the mass market sans Allen for several years now - especially the ones he's not starring in like Match Point. I think the theory is that Woody is mass market poison in terms of both Soon Yi and his age, but that the hard core of Woody fans will figure out that it's one of his movies without his name being mentioned.

And it's interesting that Match Point did more business than any Woody movie in 20 years. No wonder he loves Scarlett.

Woody hasn't really made any money for anyone since Manhattan. Much like Robert Altman or the Coen brothers, he gets to keep making movies because the moguls don't mind funding some art as long as it doesn't lose too much money.

Anonymous said...

I think Woody is yet to figure out the the British aristocrats don't actually have much money anymore. They certainly aren't rich by NY standards.

Anonymous said...

I find Woody extremely creepy. Him and his wife-daughter or whatever she is. If I were her this whole Scarlett Johansson obsession would make me nervous. If the relationship goes south there is no way Mia Farrow is going to let her move back in with her. I wonder if they have a pre-nupt. There just might be a situation like in Match Point except the girl would do the shooting.

Petey said...

"I find Woody extremely creepy. Him and his wife-daughter or whatever she is."

All the great film comedians have trouble staying away from tasty, tasty jailbait. Charlie Chaplin was a serial young-teen romancer. And, of course, we won't even touch on the Fatty Arbuckle episode...

The point being that none of this is out of spec. The careers always suffer, but the artists and their consorts are happy, and so it goes.


Personally, I'm more curious on Phoebe's take on the matter, considering her squeamish abhorrence at any romantic union where the lovers are separated by more than 6 months in age.

Only you can eliminate intergenerational sex...

Anonymous said...

I just saw the movie. The Woody performance was laugh out loud funny. His delivery, a crystalization of a lifetime of repeated schticking and schticking. His latter period of work has taken a relaxed shape. I respect his high art, his serious direction. I love his enduring comic persona, a consistant precocious clown.