Saturday, July 15, 2006

Categorical imperative

I've been asked to post my thoughts on the new war in Israel. I don't have thoughts other than that I hope above all that the state survives this, that the smallest number of people on all sides get killed, and that I feel ashamed, given my beliefs, to be living in America and not Israel right now. As for that last part, it's something I've given much thought to, and believe I can get the most accomplished here for the time being. I could explain more, but it's complicated. Not "I'm actually in Mossad" complicated, but a combination of too rambling and personal for this blog, or at least this post.

But no, I do not have the solution to this latest Mideast crisis. I can argue eloquently for why Israel needs to exist; it's self-evident that war is tragic; beyond that I'm at a loss. My best attempt: world's crises, not just that region's, could best be solved if everyone on this planet got a Samoyed. Thoughts of violence and revenge would melt away. It's our only hope.


EH said...

Maybe Canaan dogs?

Anonymous said...

you sound like the young republicans who glibly say they can get more done on the "homefont" than by actually enlisting. Why not just say you find the US more comfortable and leave it at that? Admittedly I don't think you'd be of much use to the IDF.

Phoebe said...

It's exactly that--I wouldn't be much use to the IDF at this point. I'll write a post sometime later explaining what was vague in this one.