Friday, November 05, 2004

A very special issue of the Maroon

Huh, it turns out that I do control the media, after all, and with more than a little help from my friends. I picked up a copy of the Maroon today and was reminded that Molly and I both have op-eds in it, and both of our bios direct readers to this blog, which, as many of you may have noticed, bears the same name as my Maroon column.

So, welcome to all new readers who came here via paper copies of the Maroon (there are no bios in the online edition, and the latest issue has yet to go online). And, for those readers who came to the blog first, check out the latest Maroon--Molly dicusses anti-Zionism at Columbia, and I come out as an "anti-anti-American New Yorker," to quote from the headline the folks at the paper gave my article.


Nick said...

...except, I wanna know why ChicagoBlogger accepted your blog and not mine.

not fair, say I! not fair!

Phoebe said...

Because I put in the request months ago. I'd totally forgotten about it, actually...