Wednesday, November 03, 2004

No Palm Trees In Ohio

Well, it seems Kerry's called Bush to concede so it's really over. Ohio really isn't the new Florida. The provisional ballot isn't the new chad. Regularly scheduled TV will be regular. It's sort of a boring conclusion, actually.


Anonymous said...

Not quite "the morning after" that I had anticipated. As a volunteer to "get out the Democratic" vote, I'd been heartened by energized support for Kerry/ Edwards, as well as registered Republicans saying they would not vote for Bush again. Our national nightmare continues, and I hope that some silent, nonviolent protests occur. Personally, I will ignore Bush and Co. and their inauguration garbage, as much as possible. I, and those around me, are in mourning. And unfortunately, there will be additional victims to mourn in Iraq and elsewhere. Not to mention our civil rights as Supreme Court vacancies are filled by right wing ideologues. What must the rest of the world be thinking now? --JM

Molly said...

I'll choose our kind of national nightmare - the one that people have after going to bed well fed, the one people get breakfast after, the one people can have in their heated, well insulated homes - over the kind most people don't have to close their eyes to have, say, in Sudan.