Thursday, December 20, 2012

One last email from the university before the world ends

Spent far too much time last week trying to track down my lost winter-wear, returning to the lost-and-found when I was told to return, and then again, and again, and back to the building where I'd originally lost the stuff that was officially known to be in the lost-and-found, and so on. Mystery solved, ish:

I was writing to let you know that your pink scarf and your gray hat were turned over to NYU Public Safety. Your property was turned over with other items of clothing to our command center. There was an odor with-in the clothing pile we had received. The sergeant, who was on duty, at the time determined the clothing could not be kept due to that odor. He discarded the clothing.
There's a number I can call if I "wish to discuss this." That stuff is gone. I'm just going to go with my own theories, I think.

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