Monday, June 04, 2012

Satisfaction guaranteed

A much-anticipated I'm sure update on an earlier wanty list:

-The perfect blue nail polish, the Yves Klein painting for your fingernails (fashion writer Hadley Freeman, in her book, calls BS pretension on the use of "Yves Klein" references to describe blue, but I say it is a particular shade, so if it's being used accurately...), the one that was $20 plus $7.50 shipping, is currently sold out and going for $74.99 (or a > $40 bidding war) on eBay. However, there's always the option of Googling the name of any cosmetic plus "dupe," to learn what name the drugstore uses for whichever globs of potentially toxic but brightly-colored goo you have your heart set on. The "dupe" for this polish was evidently Revlon "Royal," which conveniently enough was on sale for $2.99 at Rite Aid. It's on, and it's lovely.

-On Amber's suggestion, rather than pining after a $70 galaxy-print scarf, I spent $30 on galaxy-print fabric from Spoonflower. This ended up being more than I needed, and is now a galaxy-print wall hanging, solving a home-decor problem but not the original wanty. Still craving the scarf, I forked over another $16, and got a more manageable size of a different galaxy print, which is now an admittedly somewhat napkin-like (should have gone with silk, not cotton) but nevertheless fabulous square scarf.

-The neon-yellow shorts ultimately proved easy enough to resist, because I tried them on and they looked terrible. Went instead with these, in pink.


Britta said...

I've been big into plum purple nail polish. i haven't worn it in awhile, but next time I have a chunk of free time maybe I will paint my toenails. (Also, pale matte pink, which has the benefit of making me look tanner than I am. I got some in China year which I left on my toes and which took off the top layer of nail on the toe when I finally removed it, so no more of that for me.)

I am also a fan of colored pants, especially since it's an easy way to make a boring shirt into an interesting outfit. I got tomato red skinny pants at H&M for $12 (or $14) this January. They're not the most amazing quality, but they're fun and comfortable. I would really like yellow or green pants, though I'm worried about going too light because I feel like really light pants work best if you're really tall and thin.

Phoebe Maltz Bovy said...

Oh, gosh, I'm sure you can get nail polish that won't cause your nails to decay! These days drug stores sell ones that at least claim non-toxic-ness. (Not sure if the cobalt one I just got qualifies, but my fingernails remain intact.)

And I refuse to accept that any style of pants will only work on the very tall and thin. (Leggings-as-pants pose obvious challenges to the not-thin, but have a way of making the few women thin enough to avoid unsightly/obscene bulges look too thin.) White jeans are a classic look for women of all builds (and if it weren't for a friendly poodle and a home in the woods, I'd have picked up a pair the last time I was at Uniqlo; my 5'2"-ness didn't have a chance to enter into it), so why not pale shades?

Weaveron Textile said...

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