Thursday, June 21, 2012

Odd jobs

Like any sensible humanities grad student, I keep track of Plans B through Z. In doing so, I came across what could well be the worst job imaginable, or best, depending your sexual orientation and outside sources of income: unpaid intern at a women's modeling agency.

Meanwhile, "Paid Summer Internship in Wine PR" was obviously intentionally listed to lure away despairing Baudelaire-dissertation-writers. Replace "Wine" with "Cheese," and I'd be more tempted. Although wine and cheese both seem like things that would hardly need PR.


PG said...

Egyptian red and Indian white would require a lot of PR to get me to drink them again. Also some Virginia wines. I admit that I haven't eaten much bad cheese but there are many bad wines out there. For some reason, many regions of the world that make other things just fine feel compelled to make wine as well.

Phoebe Maltz Bovy said...

Yes, my sad attempt at humor did ask for this exact nitpick. Obviously PR would be incredibly necessary for something like wine, to get people to choose this particular wine, this particular country/region's wine, etc. With cheese, I see how packaging would matter, but PR, as I understand it, would be a stretch, unless it's something like Kraft.