Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Fashion Fashion Fashion

-Where is my dream backpack sold?

-"Is anyone else weary of the media’s hunt for retouched images to ridicule?" How about yes.

-While the rest of NY dresses like Elaine Benes, my own latest sitcom fashion inspiration is Allie Lowell, Jane Curtin's character in the soporific-addictive 1980s show "Kate & Allie." Her special brand of preppy is very much about cashmere sweaters in varying shades of beige. For this she's mocked approximately once per episode by Kate, because the neutral tones are meant to represent Allie's fear of standing out, of asserting herself, and of The Counterculture. Whatever the neurotic motivations, the outfits themselves are among the few that could be revived unironically from that decade. I'm now fixated on the idea of a beige/camel/tan crewneck sweater, to be paired with the perfect side part.


Sigivald said...

The internet suggests that they're sold in St. Augustine.

(Then again, were it me, I'd consider buying any backpack you like, and then some fabric and spray adhesive...)

Phoebe Maltz Bovy said...

What you've found is a store that sells Kipling bags, and that happens to be named "Galaxy." From Kipling's US site, there's no sign thus far of any galaxy backpacks - either they're not in the US yet, or only available abroad.

As for the crafts-project solution, I lack the necessary skills (and, for that matter, fabric.)

Andrew Stevens said...

Try http://www.kipling.com/peterpilotto and order online starting in about two weeks. Currently, you can't buy those bags anywhere since they're for the fall line.

Phoebe Maltz Bovy said...

How did you find this??? I can't wait. (Assuming the bags aren't ridiculously expensive.)

Andrew Stevens said...

If I revealed my secrets, how would I keep my reputation as a miracle worker?

Seriously, the site you linked to had a link to it. See http://www.fashionologie.com/Photos-Peter-Pilotto-Kipling-Collection-10575354 and there's information both on when it was coming out and how to order it. It says between $26 and $98 and I would guess it would be in the more expensive part of that range. Whether that's ridiculous or not depends on how much one is willing to spend for fashion.

Phoebe Maltz Bovy said...

Ah! Good point - I guess I'd found the image on image-search, noticed the comment asking for more info that someone had already left, and assumed this was not yet known.

I'm not sure about major spending on "fashion" as in trends, designers, but I could see spending more than usual on something with a galaxy print, as this is a long-standing obsession of mine, surprisingly tough to track down, and usually more "designer" even than Kipling. (Such as.)

Dr. Psycho said...

You could also commission a modified or custom-made bag from seamstress -- I'd recommend one who specializes in outdoor gear, and knows how to sew heavy fabrics together so they stay together.

Dr. Psycho (formerly known as misterniceguy1960)