Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Comme il faut

Just got these nautical rain boots for 32 euros. Which either means they get an authenticity-hipster markup in Brooklyn, or that the exchange rate is crap and the price is the same in both places. Whatever the case, my dreams of sunglasses and flimsy ballet flats had to be set aside once Paris decided to switch over to the rainy season. The woman at the garden store next to the BNF where I bought the rain boots found it hil-arious that I was buying them to wear immediately. She even shouted about it to a colleague standing far from us, it was such an event. Apparently I'd violated Unwritten Rule #8321 of Parisian conduct.

After realizing that my summer socks were not staying up under the boots, I bought a stunning pair (4 euros 90 centimes) of longer socks at a nearby Monoprix, where I proceeded to break #8322 by changing into a new pair of socks near the checkout area.

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