Thursday, March 05, 2009

Sanctimoniousness Award of the Day goes to...

... the commenters on Bitten, 10 out of 44 of whom, at current count, respond to Mark Bittman's post about what he keeps in his cupboard by begging him to donate what he's not getting through quickly enough to a food pantry. Do these people have reason to believe Bittman does not give to charity? No. (Do they glance at the other comments to see if what they're about to say has already been stated, in almost the exact same words? Not a chance.) They simply can't resist an opportunity to turn a benign and even informative post about food storage into a platform from which to induce guilt. The man has a can of broth he may never use. Get over it. By the standards of this commentariat, any confession to possessing anything merits a remark along these lines. (Do not let these people loose on high-fashion blogs.)


And, Quote of the Day goes to the crazy man chatting with the paparazzi on 11th or 12th and University, who was super excited to learn that "the giant that's married to the midget" - he kept repeating this phrase - would be appearing any moment. This, I learned, was in reference to Katie Holmes. I did not see Katie Holmes, or her apparently not even that diminutive husband (from where I stand, 5'7"=giant), because the prospect of a brownie and a vaguely anti-Semitic Zola novel tempted me away, but perhaps the crazy man got his wish.

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PG said...

In fairness to the commenters, the NYT blogs are annoyingly over-moderated, so quite often people repeat comments because the prior comment hadn't appeared on the page yet.