Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Ooh, shiny!*

Although altogether delighted with my new, painfully shiny but fully comfortable ballet flats,


I just inadvertently stumbled across the shoe equivalent of the Police Building apartments, in their unattainable, museum-item-like perfection:

These are quite possibly the most space-age ballet flats ever to exist. If $245 were an even slightly reasonable price for shoes that will, guaranteed, lose their shininess in weeks and disintegrate in months (and I know how it goes with shiny ballet flats - one of life's fleeting pleasures), and that probably are better as an idea than as a shoe... or if I'd just been bailed out by the government, or if I were a Swedish countess with an especially amazing divorce settlement, I would have a shoe closet like the one in the horrible 'Sex and the City' movie filled with them.

The oxford version seems like it would be more covetable still, because the more shiny material, the better, but they seem kind of Michael Jackson/bad '80s/hipster-would-wear-them-ironically:

This might seem bizarre, but as far as I'm concerned, the ideal shoe would be a ballet flat that resembled Sparkle Crest toothpaste. By which I mean, shiny blue with almost imperceptibly tiny silver-colored specks. If Chanel could turn the concept into a nail polish,


surely Repetto could manage a shoe variant. Not that I'd pay $245 for that, either, but it would be nice to know that such a thing existed.

*Substantive thoughts on Zionism and local vegetables to resume shortly.


Dana said...

I can't rock the shiny shoe. You go, girl. What I find curious, for my 5'2", size 4-6 self is that heels would make me look so much better in my outfits--but I cannot for the life of me wear them, despite having 10 pairs of 3" heels (I was brainwashed by living in Los Angeles). So what would be best is a dressy flat, but black flats are so boring, and I have a bunch already (but none in ballet style! shame!). I think my compromise solution, since I am not as bold and space agey as you, is the colored leather flat. I would love me some purple or teal shoes.

kei said...

I love the ankle strap on your pair! Looks like 'wanty success' to me. Is that Chanel nailpolish from the 90's when Seventeen had a contest for people to submit the best color for Chanel nailpolish? I think I had that, they should bring that back.

Phoebe Maltz Bovy said...


Agreed re: heels looking good but being impossible. I can wear a decently high heel (not stiletto) on boots, but shoes? Not a chance. So my height, much like my hair, varies according to season.


You have a good memory- I also had that polish (and remember it being a big deal, because it was more expensive than normal nail polish, what with it being Chanel) and agree completely that they should bring it back.