Sunday, September 11, 2005

A timeless question unanswered.

I was inspired by Kei's post, "A Timeless Question Answered," exploring fake nails, to ask a timeless question of my own, one which Kei, being experienced in things Japanese, might be able to answer: Why Japanese hair-straightening? It's apparently a technique that comes from Japan--but why would hair straightening be so popular in Japan? Is it actually popular in Japan, or is that just how it's marketed in the States? Is it just that the minority in Japan without naturally straight hair feel especially bad about it, leading to an especially efficient hair-straightening process to fill that niche? Japanese hair straightening seems pretty popular in NYC, perhaps because non-Japanese-American women associate the process with getting Japanese-looking hair. I remain perplexed, and would thus like this timeless question answered.


kei said...

yesterday, i happened to pick up a copy of the japanese "seventeen." in it, i found a little special on the hair straightening technique you speak of. i will be happy to look into this matter for you and the blogosphere, and i'm sure crerar will be happy to let me use their fancy scanners so i can show you results and the way it is presented/marketed in japan. your timeless question will be explored, at the least. stay tuned!

Phoebe Maltz Bovy said...

Fantastic! Never before have Crerar's resources been put to such cutting-edge research.

Anonymous said...

What is Crerar?