Tuesday, April 19, 2005

What's wrong with multitasking?

From a concerned NYT letter-writer:

I wish that what David Brooks wrote [about young people today having conservative sexual mores] were true.

My daughter is a sophomore at an Ivy League college. She talks of girls there, even those successfully navigating pre-med programs, who have a steady diet of casual sex.


Anonymous said...

Obviously the pre-med students are merely using their fellow male/female to further their anatomical knowledge. By the way have you noticed David Brooks seems fixated on the sex lives of young people?

greg said...

Brooks and Tom Wolfe probably have a couple of 18 year old girls, and maybe even some guys, chained in their basements.

Anonymous said...

The Teens Are Having Sex!!! story is perennially in fashion. Prudish people love the story. Debauched people love the story. Old folks love the story. Young folks love the story.

It's been an audience getter since the invention of death and taxes. It's the only story in existence that's actually better than Man Bites Dog.