Tuesday, February 02, 2016

The when you least expect it approach to shopping UPDATED

About as awake as I could be, post two two-hour classes (and an office hour), and pre-non-teaching-work o'clock, so, a shopping-achievement post.

Way back when, I saw a scarf on Instagram that was just perfect. Also £75, or $75,000,000 CAD. A Kensington Market scarf-bin investigation didn't lead anywhere. (I wasn't expecting the scarf, but something along those lines.) Some halfhearted Googling for polka-dot scarves, also futile.

Well! I was on the tram the other day, and passed by an exclusive boutique you may not be familiar with called the Gap. In the window, a mannequin was wearing... could it be? The scarf! At just under $9 (CAD bien sûr) in the store, thanks to the wonders/evils of inconsistent fast-fashion pricing, it pretty much had to be done. Whether the end result will be more Mary Richards, more Cupcakes and Cashmere, or more why is there a handkerchief around your neck, we shall see.


No less an authority than Garance Doré('s blog) advocates not just scarves of this nature, but scarves just like that one.


Miss Self-Important said...

I once bought a silk scarf like that at a thrift store years ago. I have worn it precisely zero times. I tried mightily to style it at first, but the neck-tie scarf just looks weird in every incarnation. If you succeed in un-weirding it, let me know.

Phoebe said...


Not sure if this counts as a success, but it puts the cost-per-wear at a healthy $9-ish. I think the trick - that is, the reason I'm likely to wear it again - is that it's *not* silk, but is instead made out of whichever lightweight, non-shiny material longer lightweight scarves often are.

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