Wednesday, June 03, 2015


-I'm writing a book! Living the bloggy dream! The official announcement is on Publishers Marketplace, which I don't have access to, but my name plus "perils of privilege" in a search will get you to it. It's about the idea of privilege. It's going to be fantastic.

-My husband and I are moving to Canada! Toronto, specifically. Sometime this summer, still sorting that out. Happy about this because, among other reasons, a) I will never, ever, ever need to drive (although I did my first-ever drive through a car wash today, and that was quite fun), and b) there will be a dog run and a Japanese kitchenware and grocery store within walking distance. (The only thing that will prevent me from doing too much shopping in the clothing stores that will suddenly be right there, and not in some mall I can't figure out how to park at, is their proximity to the kitchenware utopia. Priorities...) And, yes, a ton of cultural institutions, pastry shops, restaurants (although I can already see just returning again and again to my favorite). And the St. Lawrence Market, which is some sort of cheese-shop dream come true. Cold winters, yes, but Chicago was manageable.


Londoner said...

Moving to a whole new country? That's definitely worth a bonus. ;-)

Flavia said...

Congrats and congrats and congrats!

Toronto is a great city, though actually pretty car-centric (and the city gives way to a rural countryside basically indistinguishable from the upper Midwest pretty fast). But better than the burbs for sure.

Congrats again--looking forward to all your new material.

Phoebe said...



Re: the car, having now surveyed basically everyone I know who's lived in Toronto, the verdict appears to be that if you live/work in the downtown area, on tram/subway lines, a car is more of a hassle (parking, Canadian car insurance) than an advantage. That said, there is car-sharing, so I probably will, in fact, drive after the move. (To the IKEA, urgently, and, eventually, the Japanese strip mall in the suburbs.)