Friday, May 02, 2014

Japan adventures

In Kyoto, apricot poodles go on temple tours.

The tofu section of a seemingly ordinary, residential-area Kyoto supermarket.

Snow monkeys! As the guidebook promised, the humans, not the monkeys, are in a cage.

How not to be attacked by a deer, Nara.

Yuba hot-pot, Kyoto.

Somewhere between Nagoya and Takayama.

Takayama soba.


Miso beef on magnolia leaf.

"Cooking With Dog"-esque kitchen of Takayama noodle shop.

The only affordable restaurant in Takayama?

Omotesando-area poodle

Shibuya department store.

Mountain vegetables.

Daikanyama-area shiba inu.

Yanaka, Tokyo.

Self-service udon, Tokyo.

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