Sunday, November 10, 2013

Holding forth

Conor Friedersdorf kindly invited me to go on Bloggingheads. And looky here!


Petey said...

1) Pro-tip: pancake makeup on the forehead is mandatory for any variant of a teevee appearance.

2) I am outraged by your lack of pancake makeup. I think there is a good chance that video could go viral, where millions will be able to able to express their uncontrollable rage at your wildly offensive behavior.

3) Good lord. Will you ever stop your endless and repetitive crusade on Snowden and drones? We already well know where you stand on these items. Was it really necessary for you to insistently bring them up yet again on the BH episode?

4) I know that Halloween costumes are now supposed to be solely restricted to 'sexy', but isn't that kinda wrong? I mean, until quite recently, they were supposed to be scary and macabre. (Which fits in properly with the traditional meaning of the holiday.) When I first saw the Boston marathon costume, I actually thought it was clever. And I do understand the whole 'too soon' concept, but still, it's Halloween...

5) I've been regularly drinking freshly squeezed carrot & ginger juice purchased from various NYC convenience stores for years now. Tastes good. Makes you feel good. I've been glad to see the hoi polloi catching up to me of late. (NYC has been a fresh juice mecca well before the rise of juice-only places.)

Phoebe said...

Finally! The you-looked-weird-and-don't-know-anything-about-anything-serious comment I'd been waiting for. (There are close to 70 comments at the Bloggingheads page, but it's mostly just arguments about libertarianism.)

Petey said...

"Finally! The you-looked-weird-and-don't-know-anything-about-anything-serious comment I'd been waiting for."

In my defense, none of my points were of the you-don't-know-anything-about-anything variety. (Unless the NYC as long-standing juice mecca point counts as such.) Point 3 was (obviously?) making fun of Conor, not you.

And you didn't look weird. Just needed some forehead pancake, as is normal for humans doing teevee. Plus, I was impressed that you managed to achieve overall head-size parity, which is key to 'winning' a BH.