Monday, June 14, 2010

On knowing where your food comes from

If you're going to be a contender for most pretentious Manhattan coffee shop, and charge a dollar more for each basic beverage (drip coffee, iced coffee) than the other upscale "single origin"-type places, and you're going to not use a/c or even some more eco-friendly-yet-effective ventilation technique beyond a barely-rotating fan even on sweltering days because you're aware that there's nothing else in the area other than the bleak Whole Foods café and its clone the Barnes and Noble café (yes, I live in the suburbs), and you're going to note with pride which local dairy the ice cream in your affogato (oddly enough, or not so oddly, as we'll soon see, the most reasonably-priced item on the menu) comes from, you might want to make sure the stuff isn't very visibly being scooped out of a Whole Foods store-brand container. Does Ronnybrook taste different from 365 once espresso's been poured over it? Not really. It's the principle of the thing.


Jeffrey said...

RBC? Or Kaffe 1668?

Phoebe said...

I don't know what you're referring to. Consider that the place is conveniently located near the Whole Foods.