Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Bobst Dining Commons

I could have a whole separate blog on disgusting behaviors of my fellow library-goers, but because Cheapness Studies is already underway, and because I'm neglecting WWPD in favor of such things as the Franco-Prussian War and running long distances ending at pastry shops, this may have to wait. But, ugh. While I've yet to witness at NYU the horrors of the NYPL, let alone the UChicago all-time best (nail-clipping under a table in a reading room), there are still some good ones.

Eating in the library... I understand why people do this. Leaving is a pain, and options very close to the library, for people not on the Subway bandwagon, are limited. But if you are a scrawny post-adolescent boy who absolutely must have a steady stream of calories all day, maybe pick an artificial-cheese-based snack that doesn't make a heard-across-the-whole-floor crunchy sound? The crunching makes it hard for those near you to concentrate about the Franco-Prussian War. Or, if you're that set on having a caramel-centered candy bar, maybe check every so often that a three-inch-long string of what is either caramel or spittle is not hanging from your mouth? And (last gripe, for now) if you do bring a pungent lunch, and finish the pungent lunch, do you really have to get up from where you're sitting and take the bag with the garbage left by your pungent lunch and place it right there in the (uncovered) trash can where an innocent fellow library patron is trying to take notes on what exactly Zola thought about women?

Yes, I have become that grad student. But I'm hoping continued breaks centered around running and pastry will mellow me out before it gets worse, or at least make me too tired/content to care.

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asg said...

I am looking forward to this boardgame. It's been in development for awhile now. It'll be the first modern game treatment of the FPW that I know of.