Saturday, November 03, 2007

Organized perfection

Some admire the rich, some the thin, some the brilliant. I, however, have undying and unrelenting admiration for anyone who puts all of his papers in binders. I tend to rationalize my shuffling through knee-deep pools of unsorted papers by telling myself that organizing them would be a waste of time, that the messy approach forces you to remember where things are and what you need them for, thus keeping your brain sharp. But I started to notice that at the beginning of class, my classmates with binders find the week's readings effortlessly, while I'm still digging through an overstuffed folder or, worse, a tote bag. It hit me that, unlike the cool designer jeans some parents buy their kids but some do not, binders are accessible to everyone with a few spare dollars and a willingness to brave the most boring store in the world. I'm now in the withdrawal process, going binder by binder from chaos to organized perfection.

In other organized-perfection news, Jo and I recently solved the TV stand problem, thanks to a minimalist-looking piece of furniture, painted black, with a piece of tape with "Take me, I'm gorgeous" written on it, on the street in Park Slope. It also solved part, but not all, of the book-overflow problem, it's just that fabulous. That's the Park Slope trade-off. You will be accosted by wheelie-shoe wearing small children at all times and will lose whatever inclinations you may have had to one day have kids of your own, but you can furnish your apartment for free.


Anonymous said...

An unorganized desk means an organized mind.

Phoebe said...

So I try to tell myself. Thing is, until I have a desk at home, the issue is more an unorganized coffee table or, worse, an unorganized couch. It's a desperate situation; hopefully my brain survives the binders.

maria said...

Mais Phoebe des classeurs sont fort impratiques! L'an dernier je m'en suis servie et j'avais dans mon sac à dos tout un system pour les ranger. C'est ce que je faisais au lycée et donc je ne l'ai jamais remis en question. Mais à la fin de l'année, je me suis enfin rendue compte que mes amies employaient des grandes porte-documents en plastique ou en papier, donc très légères, avec 8 ou 10 poches à l'intérieur pour ranger les papiers, et des élastiques à l'extérieur pour bien refermer. Cette année j'utilise ce système que je conseillerais mille fois plus que les classeurs, mais ceci étant dit, je ne suis pas sur qu'on puisse trouver une telle invention aux États-Unis.