Wednesday, October 17, 2007

GG, B, & S

Not naming names, but the individual with whom I watched 'Gossip Girl' deserves credit for pointing out the weirdness of the fact that three of the show's couples come from a total of two families. There's the Brooklyn dad and the socialite mom, her daughter and his son, and now her son and his daughter. This has the sound of a question on a Genetics exam, and being in the humanities I can't vouch for the answer. But it is, as the scientists say, super sketch.

Credit goes to the same person as above for noticing that, for a suicidal boy, Serena's little brother seems awfully upbeat.

My only original contribution to this analysis is to point out that "Little J" has one amazing liver. A few sips of a martini the size of one of the many this supposedly high school freshman drinks throughout the episode would be quite the night of partying for this former Upper East Sider a full decade (!) older than the character. No cheap date, that J.

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