Thursday, June 27, 2013


After the notorious $89 bra got a hole in it - this before I'd even washed it! and not even somewhere where it might have been pulling! just bad construction (Made in France, I had such high hopes) - I'm extra-reluctant to "invest" in things that can snag. Similarly, I "invested" in a pair of not-the-absolute-cheapest white canvas sneakers (Superga, because those fit and the Converse didn't, even though I liked the Converse more), with the goal not so much to keep them pristine as to have them not full-on drenched in filth. Shortly thereafter, an incident with an especially poodle-friendly (and unfenced/unleashed) golden retriever took care of that. I now have a greenish-brown pair of sneakers. Inevitable, but still, sooner than expected.

The combination of dog-adventures, ubiquitous mud in the "with-it city" I live in, and my capacity to ruin a garment just by looking at it, suggests it's time to go the navy-potato-sack route of head-to-toe denim.

But I'm kind of obsessed with the idea of a Romanian peasant blouse. A white one with blue embroidery. Like Suzanne Pleshette wears on this one episode of "The Bob Newhart Show." Very 1970s. Cultural appropriation? I'm going to say that as someone of 1/4 impoverished-Romanian ancestry (Jewish, but not sure how that impacts the blouse situation - plus the current likeliest contender ships from Israel), I'm if anything culturally appropriating when not wearing such a shirt. However, a shirt along those lines has the impressive potential both to snag and to acquire every stain imaginable. This will now need to be mulled over for a few months, as is my way.


Sigivald said...

Converse (or equivalent) come in black.

There's good reason for this.

(Also, if they fit you, I'd suggest the "build your own" option for not-white color options, but...)

Britta said...

Since your bra is brand new, I would suggest taking it back and asking for free repairs or a replacement. If it's a high end lingerie store, they should be willing to do that. I seem to recall that when I bought my really fancy bra it came with a two year 'warranty.'

Phoebe Maltz Bovy said...


We all have our style preferences, and black Converse won't do.


An excellent idea, and I did consider this. Slight problem there is that it's a $33 trip (before Metrocard fare) to the store in question. I'd need to be heading into the city for some other reason. Also, I don't remember anything about a warranty...