Saturday, February 02, 2013

Weekend excitement

From the newspaper:

-The awfulness of Penn Station is difficult to convey, but Lawrence Downes has done a fine job of it.

-One step forward, two steps back: parents are urged to tone down their bragging about their kids... and to do so by adding caveats, ala, "My son is on the honor roll (but still wets his bed)."

-When does a civil-rights issue get classified as "Styles"? When the rights-seekers in question are gay and French.

From the Whole Foods:

From my spam folder:

-"No risk Natalie Portman." Is there any other kind?


Petey said...

"From the Whole Foods:"

I'm assuming the gag here is the smoking cessation poster next to the smoked fish. If so, quite funny.

Alternately, it could be a plaintive cry that exurban you now have to purchase the same "New York" pre-packaged smoked fish that folks in Elkhart, Indiana purchase. If so, my sympathies.

fourtinefork said...

Nothing to do with this post, but have you not posted in the past about ridiculous beauty advice on how to look French?

If I followed this advice, small children would run in terror: