Tuesday, August 28, 2012

On wanting my bangs like that

To the hairdressers of Central NJ,

You are convenient, reasonably-priced, and do a good job. I get why you ask, but I here is my promise: Yes, I want my bangs like that. "Are you sure?" Yes. "Sure?" Yes. I really, truly do want something in the Laura Petrie or Rooney Mara realm, early-mid-'60s gamine meets space-age. (Closer to the former.) I'm not asking for a mohawk or pastel ombré, just a slightly different length and angle than is standard among the customer base of the Witherspoon Grill, and would do this myself (and have!) if I weren't about to start teaching next week and thus inclined to keep DIY experimentation to a minimum.

And if it turns out I don't like this style, that your skepticism was warranted, I promise not to come back and complain (and I hear that, customers no doubt do this), and to remember that hair grows (which no doubt some fussy types forget). But this was what I wanted, as my enthusiasm (and tip) ought to have indicated. I liked it so much, I'll be coming back for more.

Yours loyally,

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