Saturday, April 28, 2012

How Bisou fills her days

"The Squirrel and Rabbit Show"

Disembodied poodle-head. How is this comfortable?

"Who does your hair?"

"I really appreciate that they use organic ingredients."


kei said...

Cute pictures! In the second to last picture, I assume the larger poodle is asking Bisou who does her hair, and that Bisou's tail-wagging as though she's saying, "Oh it looks good right? You see, it's in this store, with this person, who has these tools..." And the ombre fades nicely; are you thinking of adding some color? I keep going back and forth on color; it's tempting, but then I wonder about teaching in it...

Phoebe Maltz Bovy said...

Color! The part of me that, as a kid, used to envy classmates with very pale blond hair, not because I preferred that shade to my own, but because they got to go fluorescent with Kool-Aid, has not gone anywhere. I totally see the pale tips as a canvas. Teaching... in my department/university, this might if anything be a plus, but on the job market, maybe not? Regardless, if your hair is/will soon be long enough, you can do whatever you'd like with the tips, then it's gone at your next haircut. The main things stopping me from running out and getting tubs of Manic Panic are a) that this isn't sold where I live, which ruins the spontaneity, and b) that my last attempt at pink led to brassy orange tips, but this was with a dye I got in Germany, not one I've seen sold here.