Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A failure as a Parisian

During my sortie temporaire from the library, I managed to:

-Eat two (Passendale!) sandwiches - the lunch I'd packed - one on a bench, one while walking down the street.
-Drink a café de la semaine (aka drip coffee) from Starbucks, also while walking down the street, although not at the same time as eating the sandwich.
-Purchase John Frieda anti-frizz conditioner, as opposed to something medicinal-sounding from the pharmacy.
-Not use even close to the entire two hours allotted for a sortie temporaire for my lunch.


PG said...

I vaguely recall reading in some crappy novel that it's considered bad manners in Paris to eat on the street. No longer true/ never was true/ getting a PhD in French allows an American to escape caring what French strangers think?

Phoebe Maltz Bovy said...

Oh, very much true, not just in Paris but in much if not all of Western Europe. You're right that I don't care what French strangers think, but this probably has more to do with my coming from a city where, ostensibly, no one cares what strangers think.

PG said...