Thursday, March 25, 2010

Running is hot

While jogging, running, whatever you want to call it ostensibly makes you look better in chic clothes, or permits you to fit into them in the first place, I'd always taken it as a given that while running, you sort of have to look awful. Sure, you can try to get a sleek outfit going, but the shoes always ruin it. It's as though there's only so much beauty a person's allowed within a lifetime, and it has to average out.

Or not. It has come to my attention, via Dan Savage, that to some men, running sneakers are hotter than stilettos. (Such men should not, it goes without saying, move to France.)

Less disturbingly, fashion blog Refinery 29 shows us what space-age-inspired designer Katie Gallagher wears to go running on cold days. The way she styles them, the running sneakers look futuristic and almost robot-like. Of course, inspirational as this is, I have no intention of abandoning my own running uniform of stuff that's lying around, paired with the no-really-I'm-not-pregnant fleece if it's cold out. But still, good to know.


Matt said...

She looks like she could be getting ready to maul someone with those bear-like glove things. And I'd worry about the neck part being too hot (and the eye makeup) but otherwise it does look good.

Phoebe Maltz Bovy said...


The neck thing looks sort of great, actually - that's the part of me that's always freezing in my own winter running getup. The giant mittens are indeed frightening.

I've never gotten the big deal either way about makeup during workouts. I see where heavy foundation or mascara would pose a problem, and am not sure what blush would help, but eyeliner?
While I don't put eyeliner on especially to go running, if it's already there, I don't take it off, and unless it's 80 degrees or so, nothing much happens to it on a run. That, and I'm guessing this woman's more made-up than on a usual run given that she's being photographed for a fashion blog.