Friday, January 23, 2009


To all the haters recently arrived from this thread, unwilling to believe that self-supporting grad students can afford J.Crew, I'll have you know there's a J.Crew sample sale going on at this very minute. Knock yourselves out!

Or, if you are above caring about labels, enjoy your afternoon of thrift-store-clad profundity, spent anonymously bashing people you don't know, who are not celebrities, on the Internet.


Dana said...

JCrew has good sales and student discounts of 15% on top of their in-store promotions. I got a cotton taffeta a-line "Belle" skirt for $6, originally $68. Also there's JCrew wholesalers.

I get the love for the brand, but not for ordering from them online with their steep shipping rates and final sale policies.

Phoebe Maltz Bovy said...

I can't say I have strong feelings re: the chain. I have a couple sweaters I like from there, one of which has held up for years, a point in the store's favor, but have had more luck overall at the marginally cheaper and less-preppy Uniqlo.

In other news, I supposed I now better understand what's meant by "troll."

Anonymous said...

At least it's Unfogged and not Gawker. Thank the stars for little favors.

That thread really is pretty funny.


And as I keep trying to explain to you, Phoebe, you're actually a Republican. Once you accept that, things like that thread will make more sense.

Phoebe Maltz Bovy said...

Of course you liked the thread, it was like tons of Peteys let loose. Same reason I found it nauseating.

Anonymous said...

"Of course you liked the thread, it was like tons of Peteys let loose."

Oh, good god. I'm nicer than they are, no?

I have compassion for your hipster attraction/repulsion, not contempt.


Had I been participating in that thread, I would have tepidly defended you.

(But I wasn't participating since I've never had a desire to be an Unfogged commenter, semi-interesting folks though they are.)

Your inauguration post seemed perfectly innocuous to me, though obviously criticizing Obama's family in any conceivable way that day opened you up to the mob.

No harm, no foul. You wandered into a drunken boisterous party, and people made cruel fun of your hat. Don't get nauseated, and if you already are, drink some tea.

kei said...

By reading your post and making the connection that you are iron-chain-linking J.Crew and graduate student budgets is a ridiculous jump, one that these kinds of comment-producers hunt for on the internets. Shopping isn't exclusively about brands and/or money, but can be about finding things you're looking for when, say, you're under the influence of a video game. I understand the assumption of humanities grad student=cares only about academics and therefore dresses funny or plain or whatever, but why are people so adamant about holding onto this mere assumption? Please!

Also, comments about too-small clothing size are true 'hater' comments--they've never heard of smallish people shopping in the kids department in the United States? Don't they know any Asians? Please!

I suppose this is one sad characteristic of democracy--you get a majority and the minority has a hard time speaking up, or when they do, they are attacked for being an enemy of the state. You can't even be a member of the majority and say something in the minority. Let them see my disappointment in Malia Obama's Kodak digital camera and then yell at me for wearing kids clothes. Please! Bring it!

kei said...

P.S. Before reading about this debacle, I was actually looking at's junior section. I concluded it's better to see youth clothes in person if you aren't used to the brands because judging by some names like "European Culture," I'm going to guess that a size 14 shirt is different from a Target kids' size 14 shirt. In any case, interesting selection!

Anonymous said...

Hey! you're a celebrity to me! dave.s.

Phoebe Maltz Bovy said...


That's some nice kids' clothing! Sizing can be pretty strange, I agree--there are Gap Kids mediums that are too big for me, and, as we all now know, xxls that are too small.