Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The French control the shoes

If it is the role of tenured professors to "speak truth to power," where does that leave graduate students? We know more than some but less than others, and are known to be a sensible and well-rested bunch. What is to be our role in shaping public opinion? Are we (at least the Jews among us) supposed to control the media before or after grading homeworks; before or after writing term papers; before, after, or during our commutes to campus? I have no idea. What I do know is that our (at least the women among us) primary responsibility beyond the ivory tower is providing useful information about the latest fashions in footwear to the general public. So on that note, I will point out that two women I saw yesterday at my university had the boots, the perfect black ones with just the right heel, pointiness, etc. Both of these women are French, and it's no secret that the French control the shoes, leaving us Americans with the sale shelf at Aldo and nothing more. There's totally a cabal and everything.

What I'd really like to find are the Camper ones from what I'm guessing was a few seasons ago; they no longer exist, and seem to have been replaced this season with a version that is not only twice the price but significantly less chic. This is for me a source of endless frustration and despair.


Miss Self-Important said...

Try Amazon.com. They usually sell shoes that are a couple of seasons old. Also, is there such a thing as a cheap Camper shoe?

Phoebe Maltz Bovy said...

Not cheap, but cheaper. They do not need to be $200.

Anonymous said...

Phoebe, I just met your blog via Megan McCardle, and I believe I will be reading from now on. I write to say: I think I have your Camper boots. My sister gave them to me a few years ago when she'd gotten over them and moved on to something else. They recently got slathered with gum at a Rock Show, and I believe they are no more. What I mean to say is I am feeling your pain, in toes and elsewhere. They certainly do not need to be $200. Maybe equestrian boots from Dover Saddlery or the like, online? Around 120, 150??